For Christmas, Tell a Little Girl in Your Life: 'You's a Ho.'

Posted: Dec 15, 2006 3:53 PM

Doll sections are not made for the innocent this holiday season, as Kirsten Powers noticed. Really gross. And, this is FAO Schwarz, not some low-rent Toys 'R' Us back home.

In other encouraging news for young ladies, what do you bet this Miss America will be a household name like no other because she was dethroned for underaged drinking and clubbing? 

It would seem only the road to obscurity is paved with modest knickers, ladies.

Update: Speaking of the tiara sports, I'm still up for Video of the Year at the Weblog Awards, and I'm running a strong second. Unexpected and very cool. If you want to vote, here's the link. I promise, you won't have to take my tiara away for bad behavior.