HamNation Back Tomorrow

Posted: Nov 15, 2006 7:10 PM

Thanks for being patient with us while we got back on track after the elections.

After the drubbing the Republicans received last week in the elections, my boss actually decided to vote me out of my HamNation leadership role, since it was pretty clear that mediocre video-blogging was the cause of the downfall. But, after he saw that the rest of the Republicans were planning to stick with current leadership, he decided I could stay in place. Silver lining! Ha.

Anyway, new HamNation for you tomorrow. My apologies for the delay. And, since I'm feeling demoralized this week, I've decided to change my theme song to the moving, post-Jessica break-up ballad from Nick Lachey, "What's Left of Me." (Team Nick!)

Just kidding. I just wanted an excuse to subject y'all to a sappy pop ballad. At least it wasn't that Hinder song. Silver lining!