Bringin' Socialism Back. Them Other Brothers Don't Know How To Act

Posted: Nov 06, 2006 11:08 AM

Socialism is back in Nicaragua. This makes me very sad.

I know Islamofascism is the new hotness as far as world threats go, but I really hate socialism, and the tide a-turning in South and Central America is worrisome.

As one analyst said on Fox before the election in Nicaragua, "No country has ever committed suicide twice." Oops.

Why do I hate socialism? Here's something I wrote about conversations with socialists:

Sometimes during these conversations, my big-government buddies concede, "All right, so maybe it doesn't always work in practice, but it's a nice thought."

I used to concede that point. "Yes, it's a nice idea in theory," I'd say, "But it never works in practice. In fact, it's disastrous, deadly, and scoops out people's souls like so many cold lumps of cosmic ice cream, splatted on the sidewalks of humanity. But you're getting the picture."

In the last couple years, I've had to revise that. The truth is that it is not a nice idea, in theory. Well, not if you actually think about what the theory implies.


(Yes, I did use Sexyback lyrics for the headline of this post. It's Ace bait. Y'all know he can't resist JT.)

Update: But the WaPo sure thinks socialism's cute and quirky. Sure it is, when you've got 434 other members of Congress to ensure that we never have to see his ideas borne out. I doubt the people of Cuba and Venezuela are quite as enamored of Sanders' "independent" views.