'This is What Peace in Iraq at Saddam's Time Looked Like'

Posted: Nov 05, 2006 4:03 PM

The story of Dujail from a man who lived there at the time, as told to Iraq the Model in 2003. 

The answer was fast, one hour after the escape of the tyrant, we had to face his anger, I heard the sound of helicopters over our heads wreaking their vengeance upon our small village, backed later with shovels that leveled the trees with the ground, the order was clear(the terror should be great) so that the others would learn.

I ran away to my home into my mothers' lap, my younger brother and sisters gathered around me, I realized something huge has happened and anticipated the eminent evil. it didn't take long for the security to get to our house, we were taken to the unknown

Read the whole thing. Seriously.

Today, Mohammed of Iraq the Model reacts.

I salute the witnesses who risked their lives to reveal the truth and expose the crimes of the dictator.

I salute the brave men and women of the coalition who came to this land and made this day possible.

Congratulations to all my Iraqi brothers and sisters on this glorious day.

Read the whole thing. Seriously.

Why we're in Iraq, a reminder from Victor Davis Hanson.

Read the whole thing. Seriously.

I'm not messing with you. I promise they're all worth it.