Least Inspiring Campaign Ads, EVER

Posted: Nov 03, 2006 11:50 AM

This, my friends, is how you win a moral victory.

First up, Lamont speaks for himself by playing the inspiring Mr. Smith so woodenly it looks like he can't be serious:

Is he for real with the hand motions? All right, fine. Lamont's not an actor. But there's no excuse for this:

"Vote for Ned Lamo-zzzzzzz. Urg, sorry, what was I saying? Zzzzzz." I'm just not feeling the passion, there.

Lamont is down embarrassingly, and the Kos advice is, of course, to hit back harder, harder. Yeah, because that worked so well for Kerry this week. Fight on, comrades!

And, the infighting begins. Delicious.

Democratic nominee Ned Lamont -- darling of the left-wing blogosphere -- now trails Sen. Joe Lieberman by 10 points or more, and the highly energized bloggers who helped win him the nomination in August blame the national party.

Matt Stoller, a District-based blogger, wondered this week why Mr. Lamont is getting trounced.

"Well there are a number of reasons, but among the most prominent is the total abandonment of Lamont by the party establishment," he wrote in a blog posting at Direct Democracy
(www.mydd.com). "Let's be very clear -- this is not Lamont that they are abandoning, it's the party primary voters that they are abandoning."