Support the Troops By Calling Them Idiots! (Update: McCain Asks for Kerry Apology)

Posted: Oct 31, 2006 11:34 AM

John Kerry, supporting the troops by calling them really, really dumb:

This is the man they nominated for president based on his military credentials. This is how many people get the feeling most liberals feel about the military. John Kerry's just dumb enough to actually say it. If my commenters OMNA and Support Cell are out there, I'd love to hear you chime in on this. How did it feel to be "stuck in Iraq" due to your lack of education, OMNA? Grrr, what an idiot this guy is.

Not only is this a collosally dumb thing to say, in general, but it strikes right at the Dems' weakest point-- a perception of unseriousness, at best, and contempt, at worst, for national security and the people who provide it for us every day.

Michelle has lots of reaction. Kerry's so good at charging up the base; too bad he always chooses the wrong base.  

Update:  McCain asks for apology, and it's Drudge headlined. Cue the making amends, which for John Kerry means grabbing a shovel and digging deeper. How mad do you think folks like McCaskill and Cardin and Jon Tester are right now at John Kerry? I wouldn't get too near any of them, John. Tester, for one, looks like he could put a hurtin' on you.  

Update: From one of my liberal commenters (thanks!), here's a link to Kerry's statement on this. He claims the statement was aimed at Bush, not troops. I don't know. Why not just say Bush? He's had no compunction about calling Bush out ever before. And, this isn't the first time he's "mispoken" with regard to American troops, shall we say.

Lefty Taylor Marsh says she has the statement Kerry meant to make, but has no link to text or corroboration of the fact that that's actually the written text beyond her own assertion. Count me verrrrry skeptical. Bush is an easy excuse, here.

Update: Allah notes the bumblingness of the amends making, which I alluded to above. Wow, this guy is bad at this.
There’s more. The nutroots will eat this up with a spoon, of course, but you almost have to pity the poor bastards at the DNC. This is the last thing they want to be talking about this week. Score one more for Lurch’s famous political acumen.
Update: How do you know for dead sure when a political move is the dead wrong one? When the Nutroots applaud it.

He shoulda just apologized and been done with it. Sure, try the fake Bush excuse out, but apologize, don't berate. You're the one who screwed up.