On Like Donkey Kong (Update: Video of MKH on CNN)

Posted: Oct 28, 2006 4:13 PM

Hey, I'm on the tee-vee at 5:30. I'm discussing-- I'm not sure what. The Dixie Chicks, maybe?-- with John Aravosis of AMERICAblog.

I'll be on CNN. I'm the one with brown hair and a green shirt on, and I'm a girl. That's how you'll know me. Plus, I look a lot like that chick from the HamNation videos.

Update: Allah, Lord bless him (heh, I just like the way that sounds), was nice enough to clip this video for me, so here I am on CNN. You'll notice the interviewer uses the anti-Ford allegedly raaaaaacist ad as the example of the ultimate negative ad.

If that's the example of a negative ad, then this is the most positive campaign of all time. Everyone just concedes that it's racist, when I think it's more than arguable that it's not. Obnoxious. That's why I don't like that Corker asked to have it removed; it legitimizes this sort of crying wolf on racism. Aravosis also got a mention of the "jungle-drums" ad in there, which CNN didn't air for its viewers, so they could hear that it sounds NOTHING like jungle drums. Here it is, so you can listen.

Also, the Dixie Chicks are not oppressed, Part III.

John Noonan IMs to say he was offended by my cross. Oops, blanket apology to all of CNN's viewers for breaching the wall between church and fourth estate. Clarification: Um, John was kidding about the cross. You guys caught that, right?

Update: I forgot to mention the best part. Being that I now play the part of the indomitable, plucky, but really klutzy heroine in the sitcom that is my life, I fell down the stairs on my way to the car as I was leaving my apartment-- concrete stairs, caught a heel, and fell down about three of them before stopping. I got a little bruised up, and scattered my make-up bag's contents everywhere, but I didn't rip my pants or chip any teeth, so I felt pretty good about it. My left hand got skinned up pretty good, but I figure, "if it bleeds, it leads!" I was like headline news today! Just thought you guys would enjoy that. Just perfect. My national TV debut, and I go splat on the steps 20 minutes before it starts. Ha ha. It's so me.