More Vlogging: All the Rage, You See?

Posted: Oct 19, 2006 12:40 PM

IMAO has started its own production. With a monkey, as was to be expected from IMAO.

Thanks to everyone for the nice comments, constructive criticism, and many links on yesterday's premiere HamNation vlog. It looks like I'm gonna try to do this twice a week from now on, and by "try" I mean my boss will ensure that I get my butt in gear and darn well bring you two a week from here on out. I'm not sure yet which days we'll shoot, but look for another one at the beginning of next week-- maybe Tuesday.

I got a lot of good comments on the Nugent song I used, which is one of my all-time favorites. The lyrics are, err, questionable, but the music is great. If you've never heard it-- "Stranglehold"-- get it on iTunes immediately. I may make it my theme, since I'm more partial to it than the Fine Young Cannibals song.

I'm sorry y'all couldn't see my drawings better because, frankly, they were awesome. But ya live and learn. Several people asked why my bar napkins are so big. Duh, because I drink really big beers.

You couldn't see my drawings, but I'm gonna point you back to IMAO again, because Frank J. is the undisputed leader and pioneer in stick-figure politics. He produced perhaps the greatest political ad of the 2004 season. It's a must-see.

I actually sent that to my 20-something undecided friends in 2004 with some positive results.