Light Up the Stage and Wax a Chump Like a Candle

Posted: Oct 11, 2006 12:08 PM

So, I spoke at another panel this morning. You see, I'm a bit of an expert these days. On what, you ask? Why, on sitting around, watching TV, surfing the Internet, and writing about what I see. Those are my expertise.

People need advice from someone like me. Ha.

It went well, and I imagine they'll probably have some audio or video up later. I'll check for sure. Kevin from Wizbang! and James Joyner were on the panel with me, as was Hugo Gurdon of The Hill, which now has a Congress Blog where about half the members of Congress have posted.

I'm gonna be playing catch-up again today. Sorry 'bout that.

In the news this morning, Ted Turner is acting like a collosal idiot again.

Flashback: Let's go to Ted for his take on North Korea, since that's timely.

Turner: “Well, hey, listen. I saw a lot of people over there. They were thin and they were riding bicycles instead of driving in cars, but …”
Blitzer: “A lot of those people are starving.”
Turner: “I didn’t see any, I didn’t see any brutality …”
— Exchange on CNN’s The Situation Room, September 19, 2005