Rightroots: You Guys Rock, and Not Just a Little

Posted: Sep 21, 2006 3:01 PM

We are success!

The Rightroots 15-Day Challenge was a gianormous success! Thank you for all your help!

As y'all know, we were trying to raise 100 donations per candidate in 15 days. With 21 candidates, it was a steep climb to 2100 donations, but the donation totals from last night show we way overperformed.

Even our lowest-grossing columnist pulled in 119 donations, and our highest-grossing-- Diane Irey, Jack Murtha's opponent in Pennsylvania-- raked in 205.

As for the money total, it isn't too shabby at all:

The official count that ABC PAC gave us for the moment we started the challenge was $50,250.12. As of this moment, we have raised $112,618.46. So, we raised more than $62,000 during the challenge and, because of our success, the RNC has agreed to send out a promotional email on our behalf to their mailing list, which consists of millions of Republican voters. Furthermore, our totals don't include the $14,000 that Jack Kingston's PAC has given to our candidates for meeting a previous challenge.

Rob Bluey is also doing some celebrating.

The RNC has promised to support our efforts by sending out an e-mail on our behalf to its millions of subscribers. The total has the potential to jump significantly.

A big ol' thank you anyone who reads this blog and contributed. I really appreciate it, and so do these candidates!