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Adnan el Shukrijumah and the Next American Attack?

All right, first let's keep the names straight.

Adnan el Shukrijumah is a Saudi native and naturalized U.S. citizen who the FBI has been looking for since 2003. He's a suspected high-level al Qaeda operative who the feds call "the next Mohammad Atta." He may be on the loose in the U.S., and he's been at the center of recent reports of a possible nuke attack in the U.S. to coincide with Ramadan. He is suspected to have smuggled nukes and/or other materials over the Mexican border. There have even been reported warnings to Muslims to leave New York and Washington, D.C. This is Shukrijumah:


Hamid Mir is a Pakistani journalist with a Rolodex full of al Qaeda contacts. Mir has met with Osama bin Laden three times, and is the only journalist to have met with him post-9/11. In 1997, bin Laden told Mir of his intention to attack the United States. Mir did not believe him. This interview with Mir about his interactions with al Qaeda is absolutely fascinating.

Abu Dawood is commander of al Qaeda forces in Afghanistan. Mir recently met with Dawood in Afghanistan. During the interview, Mir was tipped to planned attacks in America, possibly nuclear, to be carried out by Shukrijumah.

Glenn Beck is, well this is an easier one. He's a radio host who had Mir on his show to talk about what he learned from Dawood about Shukrijumah and possible plans for an attack on America.

Got it? All right, now Beck had Mir on his show yesterday. The most chilling quote for me:

Mir: "When I met Osama bin Laden in 1997, he said that I will attack America and I was the person who was not ready to believe him. It was not only me who was not ready to believe him, but all the Americans including the State Department, CIA...Everyone was underestimating his claims, but what happened on 9/11? Osama bin Laden did what he was saying."

Vinnie at Jawa Report was listening:

Osama is alive, and won't do video because the CIA can target him anywhere in the world based on the video. Which makes sense, and doesn't. Osama was pinpointed by geologists in a video he released after 9/11 by the rocks he was sitting in front of in the video. They were rocks found only in one part of the world. Ever since, if you haven't noticed, AQ videos have a curtain behind the speaker, or are inside. Oh, and I'm not talking about AQ in Iraq videos. The main men, so to speak. Osama, Ayman, Azzam the Asstard.

Reiteration of the call for all Muslims to leave America. Why? Because American Muslims are a "shield." However, if they stay, the attack will go on anyway.

Details of a meeting between Adnan Al-Shukri Jumaa and AQ leadership in Khost, Afghanistan two months ago.

I blinked and almost missed it. Hamir doesn't claim Adnan Al-Shukri Jumaa smuggled nukes across the southern border, he uses the phrase "dangerous materials." Wow, what a relief.

Read the whole thing. Much more in there.

Allah got six minutes of the audio up, so go listen to that, too:

The audio picks up with Mir talking about his recent meeting in Afghanistan with AQ capo Abu Dawood. It ends with him alleging a closer relationship between Al Qaeda and Iran than most counterterror experts believe. 

Beck's show has been the first MSM hit on this story, as far as I can tell, though credit goes to college columnist Josh Capers at NC A&T for including it in this column. 

Abigale Lynn Woods, the week-old baby kidnapped this week in Missouri, was returned to her mother after the kidnapper's sister-in-law spotted a birthmark on the baby's forehead-- a mark the media had publicized widely. One wonders if Shukrijumah would be spotted if we heard as much about him as about Woods.

Here's Shukrijumah again:

Keep an eye out.


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