The Conservative View: Venting About Rosie

Posted: Sep 14, 2006 8:31 AM

Click the picture to see Michelle and me unscripted and ill about Rosie. What? Two women sitting around a kitchen table and complaining about another woman for five minutes without a script? Unbelievable, I know. Heh, I think you'll enjoy it.

Update: I should have added earlier that Michelle suggested Rosie have Bruce Bawer on her show. Bawer moved to Europe to escape the "fundies" and homophobia of America, and found this:

Having recently published an indictment of Christian fundamentalist intolerance in the U.S. (Stealing Jesus), New York native Bawer relocated to Europe with his Norwegian partner in 1998 and found an even more dangerous strain of religious and cultural bigotry ensnaring Western Europe. A swarming menace called radical Islam, he writes, rings Europe's cities in smoldering Muslim ghettos, provoking everything from so-called honor killings and political assassinations to the Madrid subway bombings and the massacre of school children in Beslan.

Worse, the Taliban-like theocracy Bawer sees looming inside backward immigrant populations resistant to integration flourishes under the protective wing of Western Europe's America-bashing, multicultural, liberal establishment. The latter correspond to the appeasers of Nazi Germany, in Bawer's view, since he believes that radical Islamism is every bit the threat to Western civilization that Nazism was.

And, here's the response of the Harvard audience to Khatami's justification of capital punishment for acts of homosexuality in Iran, which we refer to in the Vent.

As a friend remarked to me, maybe if Larry Summers had come into the office every day shouting "capital punishment for gays" and "praise be to Allah," he could have kept his job. In fact, by this strange logic, we can surmise that if Fred Phelps added a couple crescents and some Koran verses to his famous signage, he might land himself a job as Harvard President.

But, silly Larry. He insinuated that innate gender differences might account for disproportiate numbers of male scientists and engineers. Neanderthal! No job for you!