A Linky Boom Boom Down

Posted: Aug 08, 2006 12:00 AM

Lorie Byrd takes a look at the creepy black-helicopter types who are dreaming of Bush's impeachment, and who also happen to be...elected Members of Congress. Sheesh.

Hotline On Call reports that John Thune has bowed out of consideration for the head of NRSC. Thune, what with his Daschle-toppling good looks and his tallness and his great hair...ahem, would have made a great fund-raiser.

Ian Schwartz is joining Hot Air! He'll do a great job there, just as he did here.

Oh snap! Ankle Biting Pundits sticks it to Supreme Court Justice Kennedy. You wanna say that to their face? I didn't think so.

I do not like Green Helmet Man. I do not like him, Sam I Am!

Capt. Ed wonders why the Kos Kidz didn't go after other pro-war Dems. Why Joe Lieberman? As Goldstein might say, BECAUSE OF THE INTEGRITY!

"The weakness of the Democrats is that we'll screw up a two-car funeral procession. We're not happy as Democrats unless we are wringing our hands and gnashing our teeth…We are in the best position a party has been in Ohio since 1989, but we've got our friends in Washington fighting among each other.” - Ohio Democratic Party Chairman Chris Redfern

I keep meaning to link this, but I will never apologize for not linking it sooner because I am an American, and rarely partake of latte or biscotti. This is a truly great speech.

Strange. Hezbollah hits the U.N. and everyone is silent about it. They probably just had peanut-butter sandwiches for lunch. Without milk. Mmmph-mmm magrhmmpph outrage mmpph tragedy mmmhmm! Daggone peanut-butter can put international diplomacy in grave danger, indeed.

And, the Roadmap to Peace has been hidden all along on the washboard abs of Madonna's back-up dancers. Who knew? (And, Karol, you know this song goes out to you...)