Motown Linky's Back Again

Posted: Jul 26, 2006 11:31 PM

Saddam: "I am convinced that the Iranian and US agendas have met in Iraq and elsewhere in the Arab world and Arabs are now placed between the US-Israeli hammer and the Iranian anvil."

Al-Jazeerah endorses Santorum opponent. No, really!

Washington States Defense of Marriage Act is constitutional.

Egregious Earmark of the Week:

This week’s egregious earmark: $300,000 for bovine genetics in Beltsville, Maryland.

Ohio Supreme Court rules for private property in eminent domain case.

435 Blogs Against Pork. That's a lot of blogs. More on this later, but I wanted to get it linked tonight.

Kofi Annan says dumb, irresponsible things on top of being generally useless.

The Israeli Embassy spokesman talks with RedState about the Middle East.

Some Congressmen think they can turn pork into political gold. Now, that's a different kind of alchemy.

Chicago puts a hurting on Big Box stores, alderman accuses unions of making political threats.

Howard Dean says al-Maliki's an anti-Semite, and Howie's really mad about it. Weird, given that al-Maliki is way to the right of Randi Rhodes and other liberal luminaries on the subect.