Ridiculous Merkel Headline

Posted: Jul 18, 2006 3:33 PM

The Real Ugly American caught someone writing a silly headline about Bush:

Taylor Marsh, who comes across as nice enough, but never misses an opportunity to bash GWB just couldn’t resist this headline Bush Gropes Germany’s Merkel!

She isn’t kidding.

In other German news, Davids Medienkritik finds that German magazine Spiegel has had a curious change of heart with regard to America:

So let's get this straight: SPIEGEL ONLINE's chief correspondent believes that the current crisis "calls for US leadership"? Wait a minute...objection! Where are the Europeans? Where are Germany's master diplomats? Aren't we supposed to solve the world's crises through the UN and other multilateral channels and not rely on unilateralist cowboys? Kofi? Javier? Joschka...?...

According to SPIEGEL, Americans are warmongers, mercenaries,

cowboys, Rambos, religious nuts and conceited bungling occupiers who

have created a catastrophe-disaster-debacle-quagmire-civil war in the

Middle East. And now the same online magazine wants us to believe that

the current crisis in the region "calls for US leadership"!?

Does that make sense to anyone else? Could it be that the United States

really is a positive force in the world and not the summation of vile

stereotypes and chronic biases displayed on German newsstands?