True Dat, I Said

Posted: Jul 10, 2006 2:28 PM
Jim Geraghty identifies the problem with the Dems, succinctly:

How could I entrust a Democratic lawmaker to stand up to al-Qaeda,
Iran, North Korea or some other angry extremist, if he or she won't
stand up to Daily Kos?

Marc Danziger-- Armed Liberal over at Winds of Change-- has advice for the cowering Dems in the Examiner today. They would be wise to heed it.

So when such bloggers as Markos Moulitsas Zúniga, Chris Bowers,
Jerome Armstrong and Jane Hamsher preen that they have pushed “Rape
Gurney Joe” (Hamsher’s sobriquet) off the island, there’s only one
problem: They think they are winning in doing so.

Now parties
have been getting weaker over the last few decades, and there’s a long
and interesting discussion to have about that secular trend.

right now, the interesting question is this one: Why are the leading
progressive blogs pushing so hard for something that will objectively
set back their ostensible goal — Democratic victory in ’06 and ’08?

When people do that, I tend to assume, not that they are stupid, but that there is another goal that may not be obvious to me.

in this case, the goal is simple; they want to control the Democratic
Party. The fact that a Democratic Party they can control will be a far
weaker party hasn’t dawned on them yet.