Haditha Smears I Missed

Posted: Jun 13, 2006 12:51 PM

When I wrote my column about things the remember about Haditha that the press would like you to forget, I missed a couple.

First, there's the repeated use of a photo of massacred civilians, incorrectly indentified as victims of the Haditha incident. In truth, the picture is of a group of fisherman killed by insurgents a full six months before November, but the photo has been used in several papers, and as the basis for an editorial cartoon.

Second, there's the editorial cartoon depicting the Marine Corps emblem dripping with blood over the slogan, "United States Massacre Cover-Up."

UPDATE: Michelle has a picture of the cartoon, here.

And, Fox News follows up on the origins of the Haditha video, here.

Keep your eyes open. There will be more to come.