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Pork. Blogged. Busted.

Capt. Ed chronicles the agreement on the emergency supplemental bill for Katrina and Iraq that I've been so crowy about:

The Washington Post goes on to report what didn't get included in the final version. The first item to make an overdue exit, Trent Lott's Moveable Railroad, got left out and saved taxpayers $700 million. The committee didn't appear very sympathetic to funding a new railroad right next to the existing line the government just spent $250 million repairing. Also gone from Mississippi porkfests was the obnoxious Northrup bailout, contributing $200 million in savings. In the end, the committee trimmed $13.5 billion from the Senate's bloated budget-buster, or roughly $45 for every man, woman, and child this year.

Take the family out for a nice meal, and leave a tip. Have the pork roast; I'm sure it will be delicious.


Every truly fiscal conservative Congressman/woman I've heard talk about this issue thanks Porkbusters, and I'm sure every appropriator curses Porkbusters. And, that makes me pretty proud to be a Porkbuster.

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