Examiner Embraces Bloggers: The Captain on Paper

Posted: Jun 08, 2006 2:16 PM

Capt. Ed made his debut today in the pages of the Examiner. He writes about how to overcome conservative battle fatigue. He's not keen on a third party or disengaging:

Most of all, do not donate to political drives controlled by leadership that no longer acts responsively. That means withholding contributions from the Republican Senate and Congressional re-election committees and redirecting your contributions to individual races instead. Those committees serve to enhance leadership control over the caucuses, and contributing to them only reinforces the current direction of the policies we have seen for the past five years. When congressional and senatorial leadership starts promoting smaller government and works to eliminate pork, then by all means support them once again.

However, we still have to vote in November. If our preferred candidate does not win in the primaries, we still have to act responsibly and choose between the two major party candidates in the general election. Not only will abdication result in a loss of control over our own representation, the failure of GOP candidates has national implications that will wind up hamstringing the politicians that really have worked on our behalf, the Tom Coburns, the John Kyls, the Jon Cornyns, and the George Allens. And by sitting on our hands, we will have proven too inflexible to be dependable, which will only encourage Republican candidates to reach out to the center-left more than ever before.

Morrissey is part of The Examiner's Blog Board of Contributors, created by editorial page editor and blogger Mark Tapscott.

I'm also on the board, as are LaShawn Barber, Betsy Newmark, and Jeralyn Merrit of TalkLeft.com, and Lorie Byrd. I'm glad to be keeping that kind of company.

I accidentally missed Betsy's first column for the Examiner while I was away from the office, so go read that one too, which is a great comment on the silliness of commencement addresses lately.

The Examiner is smart to embrace bloggers. Just check out the "Most Popular" link, dead-center of the paper's homepage today.

For me, it's a bit of a full circle. I think I'm the only person on the board who went from newspapers to the blogosphere and now back to newspapers. Ahh, how I miss the ink stains.

I'll be writing a column next week, so I'll let you know when it comes out.