Rescuing the Flag

Posted: Jun 07, 2006 12:50 PM

I believe I blogged about this on the anniversary of Cub Rick Monday's rescuing of the American flag from a couple of flag-burners.

I've seen the picture before, but I've never seen the video.

Here it is.
(with interviews from Monday and other players)

And, Nihilist in Golf Pants adds the "Top 11 Thoughts That Went Through the Heads of Those Flag Burning Hippies When Rick Monday Snatched the Flag They Were Trying to Burn."

My favorites:

8. "John you can't light for crap." "Oh like you're better Scott!"

7. That does it; I’m cutting Monday from my fantasy team

6. If I had any respect for private property, I'd be really angry right now.

H/t for the video to Daddy-o.