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Duke Lacrosse Investigation Will Go Forward

The D.A.'s not giving up. I just hope everyone can have just a bit of healthy skepticism about this from here on out.

DURHAM -- The Duke lacrosse team rape investigation will continue until all three attackers are identified, District Attorney Mike Nifong told an N.C. Central University audience Tuesday.

Nifong, who was added late Monday to a previously scheduled panel to discuss the investigation with NCCU students and faculty, countered arguments made Monday by Duke lacrosse players' lawyers, who said DNA test results cleared all 46 team members.

Nifong said further DNA tests are being conducted and that the woman making the allegations has identified at least one lacrosse player as an attacker.

"I hope you will understand by my presence here this morning that the case is not going away," Nifong said. DNA results can be helpful, but DNA evidence is absent in 75 to 80 percent of cases, he said. They also can clear the innocent, which remains an important consideration, after the March 13 team party at which team members admit hiring two exotic dancers. One of them told police three men took her into a bathroom of the house at 610 N. Buchanan Blvd., where they beat and raped her.


La Shawn has very healthy skepticism.

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