My First Black Friday

Posted: Nov 25, 2005 6:57 PM

I've been away all day, shopping with my family at the local mall. It's my first shopping outing ever on the day after Thanksgiving. My family generally spends the biggest shopping day of the year in front of the TV, but I have one brother who feels differently about Black Friday than the rest of us. To quote him:

"I like a crowded mall. It's a happy place."

He convinced us all to try it this year, and after stalking a couple bag-laden families through the parking lot to their cars, we swung into a space and spilled out of the car. He's right, by the way. It was a happy place, though I didn't get much done other than window shopping. I got one pair of jeans for myself because I wasn't mentally prepared this early in the season to buy for anyone else.

But while I've been eating cornbread stuffing, trying on jeans, and hanging out with my brothers for the past couple days, I've been absent from the blogosphere. I thought the same might be true of y'all, so here's an in-case-you-missed-it round-up of Turkey-weekend blogosphere activities:

Michael Jackson thinks "the Jews do it on purpose."

Daily Pundit discovers that CNN not only needs a new switcher, but some new customer service representatives wouldn't hurt.

Bare Knuckle Politics covers the Oakland liquor store attacks.

Gov. Bill Richardson has been fibbing about his baseball career.

Michael Barone on the plight of General Motors:

Throughout much of the 20th century liberals created adversarial institutions to rein in the power of large corporations: government regulation, labor unions, trial lawyers. All these impose costs on consumers and, it is now clear, ultimately on employees.

There's progress at the UN, brought to you by John Bolton. H/t Protein Wisdom.

Darleen Click finds that the U.S. Post Office won't be issuing any of those beautiful Madonna and Child stamps anymore.

Michelle Malkin reports on public school indoctrination in Vermont.

And, a Wizbang! reader sends a picture of another attack in the war on Christmas.

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