Fellow Bloggers: Up Close and Personal

Posted: Nov 18, 2005 4:59 PM

First things first-- Michelle Malkin's been blogging the Murtha vote. Very nice move, Republicans.

I got to meet one of my favorite bloggers today, which is always fun. Malkin was speaking to a monthly meeting of conservative women, hosted by the Clare Boothe Luce Policy Institute.

Her presentation about her book, "Unhinged" covered just one hinge in the Democrats' swinging door-- the anti-war, anti-military Left. The examples she used won't be unfamiliar to any avid blog-reader (though I could tell the audience hadn't heard about some of them), but when put together in one talk-- yikes.

Jimmy Massey, Steven Jones, Dick Durbin, Bruce Charles, Seattle Central Community College, Brendan Walsh, the hecklings of Jason Gilson and Chad Drake's family, "Screw Them", Ward Churchill, Pete Stark.

As I said-- yikes-- and that's just a 30-min. speech. A few quick quotes, below:

"This is a problem that permeates the entire Democratic Party's leadership structure."

"These Dem crazies are not just riding on the Democratic Party bus, they're driving it."

"I am angry, I'm passionate, and I believe in what I'm saying. If you want to call that shrill, then fine."

"I say (to liberals), name me one liberal campus speaker in the last year who has had a pie, or salad dressing, or a shoe thrown at them, and the silence is telling."

"My husband and I are prepared to homeschool our kids until they're 22."

She was good-humored and gracious and proved to have fabulous taste in shoes, which is perhaps one trait of hers that can be appreciated by women on the right and left alike.

I expect to find that the same is true of Sarah K, Megan McArdle, and John Hawkins (well, maybe not the shoe part) when we all go to Greece together. Sounds like good company, if we can just get Sarah K on the plane safely...