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To no ones surprise, Democrats at their convention this week do not want to talk seriously about the economy or national security, two of the most important issues to voters in this election. Instead, their goal lies in continuing to transform distractions into the primary talking points.


In their efforts to open up the convention to those not able to attend, they plan on playing an online convention special hosted by Kal Penn and featuring a number of celebrities before President Obama’s speech on Thursday. To advertise this event, they posted a video with stoned “Harold and Kumar:”

There’s nothing wrong with some light hearted fun, but when fluff becomes the rule rather than the exception, there’s a problem. Distractions have come to dominate the Democratic Party’s talking points. The obsession with Paul Ryan’s marathon time is only the latest example. Ridiculous allegations of racial code words are thrown around after practically everything a Republican says. “Women’s issues” seem to be more important to leading officials on the left than American issues. Hopefully, voters will see right through their ploys and ask themselves if we really are better off than we were four years ago. The answer is patently obvious.

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