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Male Hockey Player Injures Female Opponent in ‘Transgender’ Tournament: Report

Chris O'Meara

A biological male who identifies as a transgender woman reportedly injured a biological female who identifies as a transgender man in an NHL-backed hockey tournament last month, according to Daily Mail.


Daniel “Danny” Maki, who is a biological female, suffered a concussion after being knocked on the ground by their “much larger” opponent who is a biological male at the tournament in Wisconsin (via Daily Mail):

Danny Maki was knocked down and left concussed following what appeared to be an accidental rough hit at the Team Trans Ice Hockey draft in Middleton, Wisconsin, late last month. 

The incident has only just been reported by Quillette magazine, whose journalist Jonathan Kay suggested that the two-day tournament had been subjected to a woke cover-up.

Maki was subsequently accused of self-censoring what had happened on Instagram by describing the incident as an 'odd fall,' despite himself sharing the video - which clearly shows he was tackled. 

Some have said the incident was a prime example of the dangers of letting stronger and more powerful transgender women compete against small biological females, or transgender men.

A video of the incident shared by Daily Mail shows a player screaming for a medic after Maki gets knocked to the ground.

Reportedly, the tournament last month consisted entirely of transgender and “non-binary” athletes. One critic pointed out that this would mean male and female athletes would be competing against each other. NHL responded that “trans women,” which are biological males,” are “women” and that “nonbinary identity is real.”


Daily Mail noted that Team Pink, which consisted mostly of biological male transgender women, won the tournament. And, a reporter present at the event, Jonathan Kay, claimed that onlookers noticed the imbalance between the teams.

The issue of transgender athletes competing against biological females was pushed to the forefront after Will “Lia” Thomas competed on the University of Pennsylvania’s women’s swim team last year after competing on the men’s team for three years. Townhall reported how Thomas won races against women, including an NCAA Division I Title, and robbed them of opportunities to compete at the NCAA championships.

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