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Texas Woman Protects Her Children by Shooting Home Intruder Through a Door

AP Photo/Ted S. Warren

A woman in Edinburg, Texas protected herself and her children by shooting a intruder who broke into her home through her garage. The single shot went through a door and hit and wounded the intruder on the other side. 


On Oct. 25, deputies in Hidalgo County arrested the intruder, Carlos Garcia, 36, who broke into the woman’s home. 

The deputies reportedly received a call at 9:13 p.m. about a burglary of a home in rural Hidalgo. When they arrived at the residence, the homeowner told authorities that the intruder had tried to get into her bedroom where she locked herself and her kids. She warned him that the police had been called and that she had a gun. When the intruder still tried to break in, she shot him through the door.

After Garcia was shot, he fled the home. According to Valley Central, he was found by authorities in an open field with a gunshot wound in his arm. He was arrested on a charge of burglary of a habitation with intent.

Garcia was booked into the Hidalgo County Adult Detention Center after receiving medical care. The case remains under investigation. 

This year, Mia covered several examples where law-abiding citizens used a gun to protect their community and save people’s lives.


Texas’ Democratic gubernatorial candidate Beto O’Rourke is running on a platform of far-left policies, including support for gun control, abortion and climate change. Republican incumbent Gov. Greg Abbott supports gun ownership and signed a “constitutional carry” law into effect this year. He is also pro-border security and pro-life.

A poll conducted by UT Austin asked Texas voters this month about their “top issues” going into the midterm elections. Immigration and border security was the top issue, followed by the state economy. Gun violence was the fourth most important issue to voters. The environment was listed as the fifth most important issue.

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