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NYC Mayor Calls the City a ‘Laughing Stock’ Due to Rising Crime

AP Photo/Brittainy Newman

Democratic New York City Mayor Eric Adams (D) said over the weekend that his city is now a “laughing stock” due to its ongoing rise in crime.

The New York Post reported that Adams made the comments at the annual New York Police Department Holy Name Society communion mass and breakfast at the Midtown Hilton. He reportedly pointed out two separate shootings last week that injured a 3-year-old and 7-year-old.


“Anything goes in the city of New York,” he stated at the event. “The most important city on the globe has become the laughing stock of the globe.”

Adams noted that the violence in New York has caused a ripple effect in the rest of the United States. 

“The dysfunctionality of our city has cascaded throughout the entire country,” he added. 

The Post noted that about 500 police officers were in attendance at the event. He told them to ignore the anti-police rhetoric that circulates social media.

“Don’t let anyone break your spirit, tell you that New Yorkers don’t love the men and women of the NYPD,” Adams said. “Everywhere I go they say, ‘Protect our police.’ Ignore the noise. Ignore Instagram, social media. Facebook.”

“Ignore all of that because the people of the city are watching,” he added. “The people of their city want their city back.”

Last week, Julio reported how Adams reportedly held a one-on-one meeting with Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot (D) for about 40 minutes to discuss the rise in crime. As Townhall has covered, Chicago Democratic lawmakers have come forward in recent months criticizing Lightfoot’s handling of crime in the city.


Following the meeting, Adams told reporters that Lightfoot “clearly understands it is the combination of prevention and intervention” that is needed to curb violent crime.

According to the Chicago Tribune, 112 people have been killed in the Windy City this year. This figure is in the ballpark of the number of people who were killed this time last year. In 2021, a total of 797 people were murdered, which was 25 more than in 2020.

Lightfoot told reporters that “we’ve got to do more to make sure that we intervene in a proactive way to provide support and love to these young people at the earliest possible stage in life.”

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