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AP Photo/Charlie Neibergall

A pro-abortion activist took an abortion pill in a live television interview on Sunday, claiming that the pill “is going to end a pregnancy” and is “incredibly safe.” 


On a live segment on Fox 2 Detroit, anchor Charlie Langton interviewed abortion rights advocate Jex Blackmore during the segment “Let it Rip.” In the interview, Blackmore and pro-life lawyer Rebecca Kiessling discussed the U.S. Food and Drug Administration’s (FDA) updated guidance that allow abortion pills to be prescribed via telehealth and sent to patients in the mail without an in-person doctor’s visit. 

Blackmore, who is a former spokesperson for the Satanic Temple, according to The Washington Post, boasted that mail-order abortion pills are “incredibly safe, safer than Viagra or Tylenol.” She noted that they have been in medical practice for 22 years. 

“It is extremely easy and private and allows you to really self-manage your abortion,” Blackmore said. 

“Charlie, I just really want to share with you really quickly, like, this here is mifepristone. This is the first of two pills you would take to end a pregnancy. It would induce an abortion, this very pill, by blocking by blocking the hormone [progesterone] in allowing a pregnancy to grow,” she continued, her voice trembling, while holding a white pill in front of the camera.


“I want to show you how easy it is and safe it is by taking it myself,” she said as she took a gulp of water. Blackmore then swallowed the pill. 

“You’re taking a – are you? Are you not? You’re not pregnant, are you?” Langton said, looking shocked.

“I would say that this is going to end a pregnancy,” Blackmore answered. “This would be my third abortion.”

“Wow, that doesn’t happen often,” Langton said. 

Langton then quickly asked Kiessling her reaction to the FDA allowing mail-order abortion pills. On Kiessling’s website, she notes that she was adopted by her parents after her mother concieved through her through rape.

“I have a lot of friends who had abortions through the abortion pill. Really, there’s no dignity in losing your baby screaming in your bathroom and going through contractions and having to scoop up your baby’s parts off the bathroom floor,” Kiessling said.

“You can reverse the abortion pill, first of all,” she continued. “There are many women who end up regretting after taking the first pill and they can go through that abortion pill reversal.”


In a Facebook post shared after the interview, Kiessling noted that she “broke down in tears” after witnessing Blackmore’s abortion and described it as “someone pushing a button for a drone strike on innocent victims.”

“It turns out, ‘Jex’ is the founder of The Satanic Temple of Detroit and was kicked out for publicly stating in a documentary film, ‘Hail, Satan,’ that they were going to execute the President of the United States,” Kiessling wrote in her post. “Charlie called me after the program and said noone knew she was going to do that, their whole studio is in shock.”

In 2015, The Washington Post detailed how Blackmore “blogged” about an abortion she planned to get on Thanksgiving Day. She titled the project “Unmother.”

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