Kamala Harris’ AG Office Illegally Colluded with Abortion Providers During an Investigation: Report

Posted: Oct 20, 2021 12:30 PM
Kamala Harris’ AG Office Illegally Colluded with Abortion Providers During an Investigation: Report

Source: AP Photo/Jacquelyn Martin

Recent statements and court documents indicate that when Kamala Harris was Attorney General of California, her office illegally colluded with abortion providers and pro-abortion advocacy groups while she pursued a criminal case against pro-life journalist David Daleiden, according to a Tuesday Fox News report.

According to the report, Daleiden’s attorneys argue that one of Harris’ appointees, Deputy Attorney General Johnette Jauron, admitted in May 2021 that she abused the power of her office by giving the National Abortion Federation (NAF) materials obtained from Daleiden’s apartment during an investigation, which included an unreleased undercover video of Planned Parenthood. At the time, Harris’ office was investigating Daleiden for violating a state eavesdropping law, and Daleiden was currently entrenched in a civil lawsuit against NAF.

Jauron’s statement was made to Superior Court of San Francisco County Judge Christopher Hite, where she implied that she had provided NAF with the materials seized from Daleiden’s apartment. 

In August, Daleiden asked a San Francisco superior court to compel the AG’s office to provide correspondences with NAF, Planned Parenthood, and other abortion advocacy groups. The AG’s office reportedly replied by accusing Daleiden of taking Jauron’s statement out of context.

"The exchange reflects that there were multiple issues being discussed by the multiple participants in the conversation, and while somewhat inartful and overbroad, neither of the identified sentences provide a factual basis upon which this court can find the existence of relevant evidence," the AG's response read. "There is none."

However, the Fox News report includes several billing records from NAF’s civil attorneys that “raise questions about the abortion provider’s cooperation with Harris’ office.”

“Filed in August, the records show [NAF civil attorney] Alexandra Laks billing $262.50 for ‘coordinate review of new videos.’ No further detail was provided, but that entry was marked for April 6, 2016 – the day after police raided Daleiden's apartment. Moreover, Daleiden's attorney contends that the timing of various releases indicated that ‘new videos’ referred to material seized from his client's apartment,” the report reads.

“Various PP [Planned Parenthood] entities and other abortion-related groups, for example, reportedly gave Harris a combined $81,000 for her campaigns to become California’s attorney general and later, U.S. senator. Harris and her predecessors – including Xavier Becerra, who also serves in the Biden administration – have declined to prosecute PP, despite the content of Daleiden's videos and other evidence surrounding PP's fetal tissue practices. 

By contrast, Daleiden's home was raided just weeks after Harris’ March 23, 2016 meeting with Planned Parenthood executives, which was revealed in discovery for Daleiden’s criminal case. Billing records show that on the day of that meeting, NAF attorney Derek Foran and the AG’s office had a conference call in which they discussed ‘legal research regarding’ a redacted subject.”

Other records included in the report “point to some form of cooperation.” A record on May 31, 2017 shows NAF attorney Derek Foran noting “phone calls with superior court and California AG’s office regarding status of flash drive of NAF materials lodged in criminal case.” Another record shows a conference call in which Foran and the AG’s office discussed “legal research regarding” a redacted subject.

In a statement to Fox News, Daleiden said “Planned Parenthood, NAF, and the California Attorney General beginning with Kamala Harris colluded to silence my reporting on illegal fetus trafficking and to obstruct justice in ongoing investigations of their practices.”

"After the new evidence in NAF and Planned Parenthood attorney billing records of illegal collusion with the Attorney General's office, and the on-the-record admissions from the prosecutor, the Superior Court has now ordered the Attorney General to produce further testimony about the extent of the office's coordination with Big Abortion special interests in manufacturing the bogus and unconstitutional charges against me and my colleagues. No matter how hard Planned Parenthood, Kamala Harris, and their associates have tried, the truth can no longer be buried,” Daleiden continued. He currently faces charges in a case brought by Harris.

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