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After the tragedy in Uvalde, Texas on Tuesday, the Left is using the atrocities committed by the disturbed shooter to push for more federal government action they claim would prevent shootings, even though laws already on the books didn't stop the terror in Uvalde and it's unclear what additional laws may have prevented the violence. 


Among the Democrats looking to politicize the tragedy even while the investigation remains ongoing was usual suspect Senator Elizabeth Warren (D-MA).

Warren and others have honed their narrative to focus on "gun control" policies that would make it impossible for there to be armed defenders in place to stop the Uvalde killer or others seeking to target innocent citizens.

Liberal policymakers and others on the left have made vague demands for unspecific action, but these calls to "action" did nothing to stop the Uvalde gunman. Instead, a heroic armed Border Patrol Agent stopped him.


What the Uvalde killer had in common with the Buffalo shooter and others who have committed such evils is severe mental disturbance and disregard for morality and the law. What the Dems' reactions to these atrocities have in common is the total absence of a concrete plan to protect the American people.

The Left's frantic response that seeks to politicize the tragedy and use the deaths of innocent children to score political points got even more sickening on Wednesday when Democrat gubernatorial candidate Beto O'Rourke crashed a press conference being held by Gov. Greg Abbott to provide an update on the victims and efforts to reunify families with their loved ones. 


Beto's performative outrage is as sickening as it is unsurprising when it comes to the left's desire to politicize tragedy for their own personal or partisan gain.

The Left, as it displays again this week, has no solution to violence and evil in America apart from nonspecific calls for expanded one-size-fits-all federal interference in the lives of Americans. Their power-grabbing agenda doesn't put the American people, nor their safety, first. 

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