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AP Photo/Alex Brandon, Pool

Barack Obama wasn’t the only former president to drag his feet in responding to the attack on Israel by Hamas terrorists. Former President Bill Clinton stayed quiet for the same period of time, releasing a statement about one hour after the 44th president. 


“I condemn the horrific terrorist assault carried out by Hamas in Israel, and mourn the senseless loss of life. My heart is with all those affected by the violence, including American families. Now is a time for the world to rally against terrorism and to support Israeli democracy,” Clinton said in a statement posted on X at 6:02 p.m., more than 48 hours after the massacre began.

“I stand with the government of Israel and all Israelis, and urge them to stand together. This is a moment to focus on purpose over politics,” he added. 

Hillary Clinton, meanwhile, issued a statement Sunday afternoon.

“My prayers are with everyone affected by the horrific attacks by Hamas in Israel,” wrote the former first lady and secretary of state. “The United States stands in strong support of our ally, today and every day.”


Obama, meanwhile, finally got around to announcing that “all Americans should be horrified and outraged by the brazen terrorist attacks on Israel and the slaughter of innocent civilians" at 5:03 p.m. on Monday. 

He added, “We grieve for those who died, pray for the safe return of those who’ve been held hostage, and stand squarely alongside our ally, Israel, as it dismantles Hamas. As we support Israel’s right to defend itself against terror, we must keep striving for a just and lasting peace for Israelis and Palestinians alike.”

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