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While there are conflicting stories about Tucker Carlson's departure from Fox News, one lawyer for Dominion Voting Systems told Axios that the company "did not insist" on the network firing its primetime host as part of the $787.5 million settlement. 

But new questions are being raised about Carlson's exit after what a Fox News producer told an undercover journalist for O'Keefe Media Group, the venture James O'Keefe launched after his ouster from Project Veritas. 

"They gave him money…they say it wasn't part of it, but we're learning that Tucker getting fired was part of that," Fox News at Night producer Sean Langille says in the video, referring to the settlement.

The journalist followed up, questioning whether Carlson left, the two parties agreed to part ways, or if he was fired.

"Yeah, he was ousted," Langille confirms.

"He brought up things that cost the company a lot of money," Langille says, pointing to Carlson's reporting on Jan. 6 and Ray Epps, which the former host reportedly planned to discuss following a "60 Minutes" interview with Epps, who accused Carlson of ruining his life over accusations about his role that day. 

"[Carlson] said [Epps] was an FBI agent on the inside and basically encouraged [Jan. 6] and he was going to go on the air and refute what that guy said on '60 Minutes,' and the Murdochs were like not too happy about it," the producer explains, also stating that at another point that corporate media outlets are "beholden to advertisers."

O'Keefe went on to highlight another troubling revelation from the conversation.

"Sean also told us about his buddy Mike LaRosa, who, according to his Twitter account, was the press secretary for Jill Biden. Michael LaRosa is now working for a PR company called Penta, whose primary client happens to be Dominion Voting," O'Keefe summarizes. "Sean says that no one has put this together. Well, we're certainly glad that Sean put it together for OMG and all of you." 

In the video, Langille talks about the troubling connection: "Someone who worked for the Biden White House was literally crafting the message for Dominion. So, you're like, of course. So he left working for Jill Biden to start this PR firm or work this firm whose sole client was Dominion, doing their comms."

Knowing those "little moving parts," Langille states, "everyone's shady." 

"Left the White House to literally go take down the news outlet that was being unfavorable to his boss…no one's talking about that," he says.  

When O'Keefe called Langille to discuss some of what was said on the tapes, he was clear he doesn't work in advertising and doesn't know "the whole picture."

Watch below: 


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