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Poll: Is It OK to Be White?

Mindy Schauer/The Orange County Register via AP

Woke racial politics has taken over nearly every institution. From education to government to business, all seem to be bowing to the Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion gods. But is that in line with what most Americans think? Rasmussen Reports sought to find out, asking respondents in a recent survey conducted Feb. 13-15 about some controversial racial issues. Namely, is it even OK to be white in America in 2023? The question posed to respondents was based on the statement, "It's OK to be white," which was first advanced on far-right sites but later picked up on by commentators and then listed as a "hate slogan" by the Anti-Defamation League.

While some on the right are interpreting the results as being a "blow" to the liberal narrative that only white people are racists and that white people should be ashamed, not everyone is seeing the results that way. 

First, here's what the survey found. 

When presented with the statement, "It's OK to be white," 72 percent of respondents agreed, as did a majority – 53 percent – of black people. Seventy-nine percent of American adults also agreed with the statement, "Black people can be racist, too." This includes 53 percent who "Strongly Agree." Just 12 percent disagreed, while 10 percent were not sure. 

"Support for 'OK to be white' crosses political lines. Majorities of Democrats (51%), Republicans (73%), and those not affiliated with either major party (52%) strongly agree that 'It's OK to be white,'" Rasmussen said in its analysis. "Fewer Democrats (39%) than Republicans (67%) or the unaffiliated (53%) strongly agree that 'Black people can be racist, too.' Still, even among Democrats, only 19% disagree with that statement."

Broken down further, the results showed: 

While a majority of black Americans think "it's OK to be white," the percentage of those who don't agree or are not sure is jarring, with some, like Dilbert creator Scott Adams, forming some grim opinions based on those figures. 



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