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U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission Chairman Releases Statement on Potential Gas Stove Ban

U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission chairman Alexander D. Hoehn-Saric got the message about gas stoves loud and clear, assuring Americans the agency does not intend to ban them.


“Over the past several days, there has been a lot of attention paid to gas stove emissions and to the Consumer Product Safety Commission,” Hoehn-Saric said in a statement. “To be clear, I am not looking to ban gas stoves and the CPSC has no proceeding to do so.”

The statement continued: "CPSC is researching gas emissions in stoves and exploring new ways to address any health risks. CPSC also is actively engaged in strengthening voluntary safety standards for gas stoves. This spring, we will be asking the public to provide us with information about gas stove emissions and potential solutions for reducing any associated risks. This is part of our product safety mission—learning about hazards and working to make products safer."

His comments come after commission official Richard Trumka Jr. suggested they could be banned in the future over their alleged health risk, though sound science does not support that claim. 

“This is a hidden hazard,” Trumka told Bloomberg News. “Any option is on the table. Products that can’t be made safe can be banned.” 


As The Wall Street Journal points out, they are safe if used correctly.

Studies flogged by the climate left don’t account for the effects of ventilation. One even sealed a test kitchen in plastic tarps in an effort to show that gas stoves increase pollution. The International Study of Asthma and Allergies in Childhood, the most comprehensive global study to date, found “no evidence of an association between the use of gas as a cooking fuel and either asthma symptoms or asthma diagnosis.” The real hazard isn’t gas stoves but how people use them. Not that this distinction matters to the CPSC, which has a long history of targeting products such as window blinds, IKEA dressers, and Peloton treadmills because of accidents that are the fault of customers. In this case, Mr. Trumka wants to use indoor pollution as a pretext to advance the climate left’s goal of forcing all buildings to use electricity for everything. (WSJ)

As Guy explained, the sudden rush to ban gas stoves was the left's project du jour that, if seen through, would increase costs for average Americans. 

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