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Swalwell Has Some Explaining to Do After His Spending Report Is Released

A spending report from Rep. Eric Swalwell’s first nine months of 2022 is raising questions about the California Democrat.

Rob Pyers, research director for California Target Book, a nonpartisan group that provides information on congressional and state legislative election campaigns in the Golden State, recently posted a list showing Swalwell used proxy voting the second most out of all House Members while also spending more than $250,000 on travel expenses. 

Congress allowed proxy voting during the pandemic, which required that absent lawmakers file an official letter stating they are "unable to physically attend proceedings in the House chamber due to the ongoing public health emergency" and designate a colleague to cast a ballot on their behalf. 

As Republican Rep. Thomas Massie has repeatedly pointed out, while it may have been justified in the beginning of the pandemic, it’s now being “abused by members who are campaigning for other offices or raising money.”

Social media users also noticed another questionable payments on the form. 

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