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MSNBC guest Laurie Kilmartin told a panel on “Ayman Mohyeldin Reports” that the person who leaked the first draft opinion showing the Supreme Court voting to overturn Roe v. Wade was a “hero” to her, then explained what she’d do if she ever met them.


“Here’s my feeling about the leaker, I would like to find out who the leaker is so I can make sweet love to that person, because that person is a hero to me,” said Kilmartin, a standup comedian and writer for “Conan." 

“If the leaker is a Republican and if I get pregnant during our lovemaking, I will joyfully abort our fetus and let them know. I don’t know if that answered your question," she added. 

The panel then burst out in laughter. 

Later in the segment she argued that if Roe is overturned, older members of Congress should protest by going on a hunger strike.

“Well, this is controversial, but I think that every Democratic member of Congress who’s over the age of 87 should go on a hunger strike for abortion rights, because let’s face it, they don’t have much longer anyway. You might as well go out a hero in a blaze of glory. Be the Bobby Sands of abortion,” Kilmartin said in reference to the member of the Irish Republican Army who died after going on a hunger strike when imprisoned.


“You know I am a comedian. I know we have like two very serious answers and I’m just giving a joke, and everybody’s like, that’s a terrible policy. It is, guys. You don’t have to take me seriously,” Kilmartin added.

Kilmartin responded to at least one critic online before protecting her tweets.

“The subject of any joke is irrelevant, it’s all in the execution,” she said, according to the Daily Caller. “Sorry you didn’t like my joke, but others did. I’m sure there are some stands up that you laugh, and I encourage you to continue to enjoy their work!”


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