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Why Some Are Crying Foul Over the Sentence Antifa Activist Received After Attack on GOP Senator's Office


Fox News’s Tucker Carlson on Monday highlighted the sentencing differences given across the country based apparently on political ideology. 

Speaking with Fox News reporter Bill Melugin, Carlson said the QAnon Shamam will get three years behind bars for entering the Capitol building on Jan. 6., but a criminal who smashed a GOP senator’s office with an axe faced a relatively light punishment. 


"This one right here is raising some eyebrows, with some questioning the treatment that federal government reportedly gave to a far left activist after he attacked a Republican senator’s office with an axe,” Melugin said of Antifa activist Alexander Starks, who attacked Sen. John Hoeven’s office in Fargo, North Dakota, in December of 2020.

“He later pleaded guilty to a charge of destruction of government property, and even though federal sentencing guidelines suggested maybe 10-16 months in prison, Starks was only given probation and a fine of about $2,800,” he continued. 

According to The Post Millennial, Melugin said, the FBI even gave the axe back to Starks, who wrote about the incident on Facebook. “Look what the FBI were kind enough to give back to me,” he said, showing a photo of the axe.


“The treatment he received from the federal government has some crying foul, with constitutional law expert Jonathan Turley writing in part, 'Putting aside the light sentence, the returning of the axe is rather curious. It would seem an instrument of the crime could be declared lost in any plea. Instead, it was returned as if it was a form of political expression by the Justice Department,'" Melugin said. "Turley went on to compare Starks's light punishment to the so-called QAnon shaman you referred to at the top there, from the January 6 riots at the Capitol. We remember he received a 41-month sentence for obstructing a federal proceeding. Starks, in this story with the axe, only got probation and a fine.”

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