Victor Davis Hanson Has a Prediction About Midterms Democrats Won't Want to Hear

Posted: Oct 14, 2021 8:00 AM
Victor Davis Hanson Has a Prediction About Midterms Democrats Won't Want to Hear

Source: AP Photo/Evan Vucci

Hoover Institution senior fellow Victor Davis Hanson offered a prediction about the midterm elections on Wednesday that Democrats won't want to hear.

“There’s going to be a reckoning,” the historian said on "Tucker Carlson Tonight." 

"I think whether it’s Mexican-American communities on the border or where I live, or soccer moms mad about what’s being taught in schools, it’s not a top down, woke revolution," he continued. "It’s a grassroots populist revolution. We’re going to see it in the next midterms I think a lot of these institutions are going to rue the positions they’ve taken and the damage they’ve done."

After host Tucker Carlson blasted the president over how the vaccine mandates are damaging a wide swath of institutions in America, Hanson pointed out that criticism of the president’s policies are not just coming from conservatives. 

"It’s not Tucker Carlson that’s saying this alone," Hanson noted. "It’s Barack Obama who says the border is unsustainable. Or Larry Summers saying the economic agenda won’t work. Or senators on the Democratic side said Afghanistan is a disaster. So it’s everybody that’s saying ‘what’s going on? We’ve never seen anything like it.”

The main reason for the multiple crises is difficult to pinpoint, he added. 

"Is it incompetence? Accidental? Is it non-compos mentis problems with the president?" Hanson said. "Or is by design—an anarchy, a chaos, a nihilism— that was sort of 'never let a crisis go to waste' during this tragedy of 2020, to have an agenda that doesn’t pull on any of its items 50 percent but through the sheer fear of this chaotic, anarchinistic, ‘we’re going to have a new agenda that is socialist,’ and nobody knows…"

What is known, however, is that the "academic world has filtered down to the concrete world under this agenda and [the academic community is] really, really frightened," he said, pointing to how critical race theory, which was originally written off, or "new monetary policy" -- the idea that you "print money and you get prosperity" are manifesting and have real-world consequences. 

"When they looked to these institutions you mentioned, they look at the military or professional sports or entertainment or Hollywood or Silicon Valley or social media or network news or Wall Street or the corporate boardroom and they say what happened? We don’t recognize it anymore," Hanson said. "We have been asleep and they have filtered into all these institutions with this agenda we don’t want, and it doesn’t work."