Heartbreaking Video: CBP Finds Abandoned Migrant Boy Crying, Wandering Alone in Texas Desert

Posted: Apr 07, 2021 4:30 PM

Last week a disturbing Customs and Border Protection video made the rounds that showed two toddlers being dropped from a 14-foot border wall, left alone in the desert at night by smugglers. This week, we have another heartbreaking video of a young boy abandoned in the Texas desert who thankfully came across an off-duty Border Patrol agent on his way home. 

The 10-year-old Nicaraguan child is shown crying, begging for help. 

“What happened?” the agent asks in Spanish. 

"It's that I was walking with a group, and they left me behind, and I don't know where they're at," the boy says crying, according to CNN. 

"You don't know where you're at? They left you behind alone?" the agent asks. 

 "Of course, they left me,” he replies. 

"They left you behind by yourself?" the agent responded. "You're not traveling with your mom or dad or anybody?" 

"Nobody," the child replied, still crying. "I was with a group to turn myself in with you, and they left me behind, and I came to look for help." 

"They left you behind and told you to seek help?" the agent said, questioning the child. 

"No," the boy answered. "I came looking because I didn't know where to go, and they can also kidnap me." 

Univision reports that the child survived the night alone in a part of the desert "where rattlesnakes and wild animals abound."

Rio Grande Valley Border Patrol Chief Brian Hastings said the video was shared "to underscore the concern over the danger associated with the increase in unaccompanied children" making the trek to the U.S. 

The child has since been taken into a Border Patrol facility and will be transferred to the Department of Health and Human Services, Office of Refugee Resettlement. 

Reacting to the video, former Acting ICE Director Tom Homan said it’s why he fights so hard.  

"Illegal immigration is not a victimless crime," Homan said on Fox News. And despite what the Biden administration thinks about its policies, which are encouraging even more migrants to make the dangerous journey, they are not humane, he argued.