Defiant NJ Gym Has Bank Account Wiped by Democratic Governor

Posted: Jan 15, 2021 8:14 AM
Defiant NJ Gym Has Bank Account Wiped by Democratic Governor

Source: AP Photo/Seth Wenig

Atilis Gym co-owner Ian Smith has made a name for himself for standing up to New Jersey’s COVID-19 restrictions on businesses, despite Governor Phil Murphy’s repeated attempts to shut him down through citations, fines, arrests, having their business license stripped, and their doors locked and barricaded. 

This week, Murphy escalated the fight.

“As of this morning, without warning, and without permission, and in the middle of litigation, Governor Murphy took it upon himself to empty our bank account entirely, to the tune of $165,000,” explained Smith on a video posted to social media. 

He said it still wouldn’t stop him. 

“We will continue to fight this fight because we know, based upon what is outlined in the Constitution, that when we get to the right courts and in front of a judge who respects the Constitution, we will win this case,” he continued. “And we will make sure that no governor, or no government official, will ever wield these powers ever again."

Smith then detailed the legal battles they’re fighting. 

“We are now in our eighth-month of a very nasty, long and drawn out legal battle against Governor Philip Murphy and Judith Persichilli at the Health Department here in New Jersey,” he said. “We also have ongoing litigation against the eighty municipal and criminal charges against us; ongoing litigation in the case of the revocation of our business license without due process; and the unconstitutional health department shut-down that was placed upon us in the first place.”

The business faces a fine of $15,497.76 each day it stays open. 

In December, Smith said the only time Murphy will be successful in stopping him is when he's dead. 

Update: Smith spoke with Fox News's Tucker Carlson about the latest development.