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AP Photo/Gene J. Puskar

Criticism was thrown at the Democratic Party from all sides on Monday after technical issues and “quality control” reviews mired the Iowa caucuses in controversy and conspiracies.

If Dems couldn’t even get this contest right, how could they be expected to run the government, Brad Parscale, President Trump’s campaign manager, questioned.

“Democrats are stewing in a caucus mess of their own creation with the sloppiest train wreck in history,” he said in a statement. “It would be natural for people to doubt the fairness of the process. And these are the people who want to run our entire health care system?" 

He wasn’t alone in that belief.

MSNBC's Brian Williams, meanwhile, said he'd "never seen anything like this" and Chris Matthews blasted the Democrats for failing to "even get a three car funeral organized.”

“[T]he integrity of our process, and the results have and always will be our top priority,” Iowa Democratic Party (IDP) Chairman Troy Price told reporters early Tuesday morning. “At this point, the IDP is manually verifying all precinct results ... We want to emphasize that this is a recording, not a hack on intrusion. And it's exactly why we have a paper trail and systems in place to uphold the integrity of our process.”

Price said the results should come out Tuesday. 

“We have said all along, we have these backups in place for exactly this reason. We are updating campaigns and we will continue to provide updates as they are available,” he added. 

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