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Buttigieg Uses Communist Slogan For Latino Outreach Campaign

AP Photo/Charlie Neibergall

Democratic presidential candidate Pete Buttigieg kicked off his Hispanic outreach program this week but the slogan he’s chosen to use isn’t original—but one popularized by Latin American communists. 


“El pueblo unido, jamás será vencido—the people united, will never be defeated,” he tweeted, announcing his “bold, comprehensive plan to dismantle the institutional barriers that have kept Latinos from feeling like they fully belong in their country.”

As The Blaze noted, the Marxist slogan was used by the Cuban National Assembly just last month. 


Prior to that, Venezuelan dictator Nicolas Maduro has used it, as have pro-Communists. 

A 2011 music album dedicated to communist revolutionary Che Guevara included a track whose title is the phrase now being promoted by Buttigieg and his campaign. It was also the title of a song in a 2017 CD honoring Fidel Castro, Cuba's late communist dictator, as well as a video published on YouTube by Guevaristas, a pro-communist group. (The Blaze)

Steve Guest, the GOP’s rapid response director, said Buttigieg’s decision to use the slogan is hardly surprising given who his father was.

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