Muslim Doctor Shocks CNN After Saying Trump, GOP ‘Beloved’ in Much of the Muslim World

Posted: Mar 19, 2019 8:30 AM

CNN host Fredericka Whitfield looked taken aback Saturday when a Muslim doctor she had on her show insisted that President Trump and Republicans are “beloved” in much of the Muslim world and are not Islamaphobic as they are portrayed in the U.S.

“One thing the viewers should know, this president and this administration is often castigated as Islamophobic, but I move in the Muslim word, in Egypt, in Oman, in Jordan, in Iraqi Kurdistan, where this president is beloved,” said Dr. Qanta Ahmed. “This president and the Republican Party going back to George Bush is very dearly held. Today is the anniversary of Halabja, the massacre of 180,000 Kurds at the hands of Saddam Hussein. That only change would [be] because of a Republican president. So it is very important not to lose so much perspective that we start believing our entire government is Islamophobic. That is not the case.”

Not surprisingly, Whitfield wrapped up the interview as soon as she finished her statement.