Abbott Has a Dire Warning About Democratic Turnout in 2018 Primaries

Posted: Feb 27, 2018 8:30 AM

Texas Gov. Greg Abbott warned supporters in a fundraising email Monday about Democrats’ turnout for the March primary, which he says should “shock every conservative to their core.”

So far, more Democrats have voted early than Republicans, Dallas News reports.

Through Sunday in the 15 Texas counties with the most registered voters, 135,070 people had voted in the Republican primary and 151,236 in the Democratic. Compared to the first six days of early voting in 2014, Democratic turnout increased 69 percent, while Republicans saw a 20 percent increase.

The Democrats even surpassed their early voting totals from the 2016 primary — a presidential election year. (

“I’ll be blunt: Democrat voter turnout is surging statewide during Early Voting,” Abbott says in the email. “We’ve seen a surge of liberal enthusiasm in deep red states like Georgia, Alabama, and Oklahoma,” it continues. “We had always hoped the liberal wave would never hit Texas, but these Early Voting returns aren’t encouraging so far.”

Abbott isn’t the only Republican in the state warning about voter turnout.

Earlier this month Sen. Ted Cruz said Democratic enthusiasm is high.

“The left are stark raving nuts. ... They have full-on Trump derangement,” he said. “They will crawl over broken glass in November to vote. ... We could get obliterated at the polls.”