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A Good Guy With a Gun Put an End to Texas Church Shooting

While many liberals have been quick to call for gun control in the wake of the devastating church shooting in Texas on Sunday, in the hands of a ‘good guy’ a gun is what finally put an end to the massacre.

Devin Kelley, a 26-year-old veteran who was kicked out of the Air Force for assaulting his wife and child, entered the First Baptist Church in Sutherland Springs, Texas, at approximately 11:30 a.m. He killed 26 people making it the deadliest shooting in a place of worship in America. The death toll could’ve been much higher, however, had he not been “engaged” by an armed citizen.

“At approximately 11:20 this morning a suspect was seen at a Valero gas station in Sutherland Springs, Texas,” Freeman Martin, a major in the Texas Rangers and spokesman for the Texas Department of Public Safety, told reporters. “He was dressed in all black. That suspect crossed the street to the church, exited his vehicle and began firing at the church.”

“That suspect then moved to the right side of the church and then continued to fire,” he added. “That suspect entered the church and continued to fire. As he exited the church, a local resident grabbed his rifle and engaged that suspect. The suspect dropped his rifle, which was a Ruger AR assault-type rifle and fled from the church.”

Freeman said the armed citizen didn’t stop there but pursued Kelley after he dropped his weapon.

"A short time later as law enforcement responded that suspect right at the Wilson/Guadalupe County line crashed out and was found deceased in his vehicle,” Freeman said. “At this time we don’t know if it was a self-inflicted gunshot wound or if he was shot by the local resident.”

The victims ranged in age from 5 to 72, according to authorities, who are still searching for a motive.


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