Graham Accuses NAACP of Anti-GOP Bias at Sessions' Confirmation Hearing

Posted: Jan 11, 2017 1:20 PM

After NAACP President Cornell Brooks testified against Sen. Jeff Sessions at Wednesday’s confirmation hearing, Sen. Lindsey Graham called out the organization for its anti-Republican bias.

Brooks said during his testimony that Sessions’ record “evinces a clear disregard, disrespect, and even disdain for the civil and human rights of racial and ethnic minorities, women, the disabled, and others who suffer from discrimination in this country.”

“Based on his record and his statements, the NAACP strongly believes that confirmation of Senator Sessions as attorney general would be bad for America and could exacerbate already deepening racial divisions in this country.”

Graham later asked the organization’s president what Sessions’ score was on the NAACP’s legislative score card.

“The senator has received a low grade, a failing grade, for years on end,” Brooks responded.

Graham went into specifics, noting that he and his Republican colleagues all had scores in the teens or low 20s. Alternatively, though, many of his Democratic colleagues had ratings of 100 percent—a disparity he found “really odd.”

“I think it speaks for itself,” said Graham. “I hope that doesn’t make us all racist and all of them perfect on the issue.”

He then asked Brooks to give the name of one Republican who would make a good attorney general, to which the NAACP leader had nothing to say.