Trump Surrogate Ben Carson Says He'd Be 'Never Trump' Too If Stakes Weren't So High

Posted: Apr 12, 2016 9:30 AM

Ben Carson really may be the worst surrogate ever. He’s said that as a candidate Trump has “major defects” and his supporters can’t be reasoned with. He also admitted that he wishes he could’ve endorsed another candidate. The examples go on and on and on

Now, however, he has said that he’d probably be in the 'Never Trump' camp too if the stakes in this election weren’t so high.

Speaking with Denver radio host Krista Kafer last week, Carson said his support has to do with “pragmatism” alone.

“In terms of who can potentially win, I think that would be Donald Trump. When I look at the consequences of not winning, it’s too horrible to even think about.”

Kafer followed up by saying she can’t bring herself to vote for him under any circumstances.

“To consciously vote for a man who is a bad man, a liar and fraud, I could never cast that vote,” she said, adding that she hopes Carson’s influence on him will help him personally. 

Carson insisted one has to look at the big picture. “If [the nominee is] Trump, I’ll be there. If it’s Cruz, I’ll be there, because I recognize that not voting is a vote for Hillary,” he said, and “a win for the Democrats will just be devastating.”

Kafer respected his position but insisted she still couldn't vote for Trump.

“For me it’s about the children and the grandchildren,” Carson explained, adding that “If it were just me, I would be completely where Krista is… but for them, I can’t.”