Sanders: It's 'Absurd' to Think I'll Drop Out Anytime Soon

Posted: Mar 18, 2016 2:00 PM

Sen. Bernie Sanders is way behind Democratic frontrunner Hillary Clinton in the delegate count, and yet, suggestions he should drop out? “Absurd!” he says.

"When only half of the American people have participated in the political process, when some of the larger states in this country, people in those states have not yet been able to voice their opinion on who should be the Democratic nominee, I think it's absurd for anybody to suggest that those people not have a right to cast a vote," Sanders told MSNBC's Rachel Maddow.

"I am extremely proud that in state after state we are winning the votes of working people," Sanders added. "So to suggest that we don't fight this out to the end would be, I think, a very bad mistake."

President Obama has begun urging Democrats, although privately, to rally behind Clinton, suggesting Sanders’ campaign is nearing its end.

Sanders, despite his delegate deficit, believes he will do better in states that haven’t voted yet.

"People want to become engaged in the political process by having a vigorous primary and caucus process," he said in the interview, suggesting it’s important he stay in the race. 

"I think we open up the possibility of having a large voter turnout in November and that is exactly what we need. A low voter turnout, somebody like a Trump can win. High voter turnout, the Democratic candidate will win."