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Romney to Speak on State of Presidential Race

Mitt Romney will be giving a speech about the state of the presidential race on Thursday, his office has confirmed.

The former Republican presidential nominee will address the Hinckley Institute of Politics at the University of Utah.


Romney has been highly critical of Donald Trump, and recently called on the Republican frontrunner to release his tax returns. He further questioned whether there’s a bombshell in them he’s hiding.

Despite speculation over whether Romney will endorse a candidate or even jump in the race himself, a Romney aide has said he will not. Nevertheless, the speech “will be worth covering.”

Politico has more:

He will speak out against Trump, one of the sources said, and will praise Sen. Marco Rubio and Sen. Ted Cruz, and perhaps Ohio Gov. John Kasich. Romney’s comments will be focused on “the state of the race,” likely echoing past criticism of Trump for failing to release his tax returns and for not decisively distancing himself from the KKK, the source said. […]

Former top Romney aide Katie Packer told CNN that Romney "wants to sort of continue to be a voice, an adult in the room, if you will, that’s just sort of reminding these candidates that this is a very big office, and that the rhetoric should sort of match the importance of the office that these candidates. And I think that he’s hoping to do that tomorrow."

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