Kellyanne Conway Made This Meaningful Dedication of Her Pro-life Award

Posted: May 23, 2018 1:30 PM
Kellyanne Conway Made This Meaningful Dedication of Her Pro-life Award

Washington, D.C. –White House counselor Kellyanne Conway spoke about the importance of emphasizing the humanity of the unborn child Tuesday at the Susan B. Anthony List gala where she accepted the group’s Distinguished Leader award.

Conway referenced Trump’s inaugural promise that “the forgotten men and women will be forgotten no longer.”

“When the president talked about the forgotten man and forgotten woman,” Conway said, “he also means the teenager who finds herself with an unexpected pregnancy and she’s afraid and she’s alone and she’s wondering what to do.”

“Pray for her, help her, be there for her,” she urged the crowd.

Conway went on to dedicate her award to a friend’s baby, Simon Peter, who lived for just 69 minutes after being born with a genetic condition.

“He was born to a friend of mine this week across the country and his mother was told in February when she was well past the halfway point plus that he wasn’t going to make it and if he did he wouldn’t make it for long,” she said. “He has a genetic condition and they said we really think it’s in your best interests to abort this baby and she said I can’t because you already let me hear his heartbeat and you already told me he was a boy.”

Conway said her friend told the doctors that she couldn’t be the one to stop her son’s heartbeat. Simon Peter was born last week and briefly met his family.

“His mother and his father and his family had a chance to meet him and give him a proper farewell,” she said.

Conway concluded that every child has a right to experience these moments.

“Every unborn child has the right for those tiny little eyes to see his or her parents, hold their hand, hear their voices,” she said. “Let them hear their voices. We are at a time in our culture where life is undignified, it is seen as unimportant, an afterthought. So for those little eyes, those little ears, those little hands, those little heartbeats that we can hear really early on I pray for them, I ask you to pray for them.”

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